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cat nail

cat nail

We always say man's best friend when we are referring to dogs but the reality is that cats are just as much, man's best friend. Because of this friendship, you certainly can spare a few minutes every now and then to care for your cat. So here are some cat nail care tips.

To do any serious routine care for your cat, start by always cuddling and caressing it. If possible, cuddle your cat each day and play with its claws while massaging them gently. This helps built trust which will enable the cat be calm during manicure. Remember that the claws of the cat family are for self-preservation. Any apparent threat to them elicits a violent reaction. Cat nail care is only possible when it is calm since the nails are tiny and clipping or cleaning needs extra care.

In the process of play, a catmay break some nails which may in turn result in further injury when the broken nail cuts into the paw. Proper cat nail handling is needed when checking such nails as they may have already caused sensitivity and the cat may misunderstand your intentions and switch into defense mode. When you notice any skin breakage, apply some antiseptic but remember that some may cause instant pain so care should be taken lest the cat claws you in the process.

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