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cat nail cap - mimi

cat nail cap

Enjoy the cat nail cap with my son - MIMI

I have a little black cat named mimi, after he born 2 - 3 month later, mimi becoming more and more savage, he claws everything at all, I think he is crazy. Nothing I can do for him, only see him claws the walls, trees, furniture, and sometimes even hearts himself. I wanna help him, and stop him to claws. I tried, and failed. But I don't wanna give up. One day, I search something like: HOW TO PROTECT CAT TO STOP CLAWS, HOW TO CLEANING THE NAIL OR PROTECT CAT NAIL, CAT NAIL CAP CLAWS SUDDENLY. I found one item jumped into my eyes, SOFT NAIL CAT CAP. It's a eye - catching item for me. This cat nail cap with 12 colors, material of the nail cap is resin, so why the goods is so soft. It says the goods was passed the SGS CERTIFICATE and 1 set including 20pcs soft nail cap, 1 bottle liquid glue, also a small quick instruction. Not bad, yeah, it's really good, it's soft and safety for my mimi. After I get the parcel, can't waiting to use it. Such small soft nail cap kept my mimi as a fashion gentleman cat "GG". Ahahaha.

I thought he don't have any feeling with his new friends - soft nail cap, and he will never think this goods will be part of his body. Now he is nearly 4 months old, size of nail cap is S, and later I will try other color and size for him. I will learn more this item and continue share more and new information for you from my son.

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