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cat nail clippers

cat nail clippers

Some people get rather surprised the first time they hear about cat nail clippers. For those who have cared for cats for a while and any veterinary doctor will confirm this, nail clipping for pets is very helpful especially in preventing injuries. In fact, nail clipping is highly recommended for both cats and dogs.

To clip cat nails, hold the claw gently and clear any hairs covering the nail you want to clip. Before starting to clip, make sure you note the boundary between the quick (live tissue) and the nail since cutting it will cause immense pain to the cut and affect trust in future clipping sessions. Place the cat nail clippers just before quick and clip away the tip of the nail. Yes, just the tip because the goal is to only eliminate the sharp tip.

Sometimes, despite the extra care, the cat nail clippers accidentally cut too deep and cause injury and bleeding. In the event this happens, usually bleeding naturally stops in about a minute or so. If the bleeding is serious, you might need to apply some antibacterial substance to prevent germs. Rarely will this necessitated a visit to a veterinarian but once in a while, this may be necessary especially if the cat has a bleeding disorder.

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