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Important facts about soft paws for cats

soft paws for cats

Although soft paws for cats are in common use, new users always have fears and many questions. People who have used them before also may encounter situations that require some guidance. The basic question here is what they are and what they do. Soft paws are simply cat nail caps that help prevent the scratching problem without having to trim the claws.

One of the concerns that users or potential users have raised is how safe soft paws for cats are for the cat. This is an important question since we could be seeking a solution that is convenient for us but harmful to the cat. The good news is that soft paws are very harmless and comfortable because they do not hinder the cat's ability to lengthen or use its claws. There have been no reports that these caps harmed cats and even when ingested, they do not cause any harm.

Finally, you can easily use soft paws for cats at home by following the manufacturer's instructions and so you need not pay to have them fitted. The fitting process is also quite fast provided you have calmed your cat. With regards to fitting size, it has been found that majority of cats have medium sized claws and if yours is smaller or larger, these sizes too are available.

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